rambling and bloggishness

almost all of my blogs are some arrogant attempt at being deep or philosophical. the balance is meager attempts at sarcasm and humour. i don't really keep a journal, or a weblog of my thoughts and daily life events. blogging is, in my case (and probably most cases), narcissism at its finest. i truly believe that you all care enough about what is going on in my life to read what i have to say. arrogant much? yes. every day.

i started a new job this week at cingular wireless. i've always wanted to work in retail wireless sales. i've historically performed well in commissioned sales environments, but when working a commission schedule in a retail store, it's rough when no one shops that night. you are at work and losing money. ugh. but, at cingular, i make a quite generous hourly rate (over $2.00 more than i was expecting), plus a healthy commission on top of it. i'm very excited.

school is wrapping up, and i'm trying to tie all the loose ends up before finals. i'll do alright this semester. not great, but alright. i thought it'd be fun to take physics, organic chemistry, philosophy, spanish, and a 3 hour independent study in history all in one semester (18 hours total). it turns out, it wasn't (anita, this is me admitting i was wrong). first summer session, i will take my last required spanish class, and then it's just english classes (and one religion class) until i graduate. thank jesus.

i'm taking second summer session off to work and i'll probably move. my new job is way out in avon, and i currently live in stinkin' greenwood, and i don't really like that 40 minute one-way commute to work. plus, i really want to move out. it is probably the most pathetic thing in the world to be 25 and living with my parents. well, maybe not the most pathetic, but i'm sick of it. time to go.

i have a friend who's dating a loser. again. for the third time. back to the same guy. she didn't bother to mention it to me, just sort of put the pictures back up on her myspace page and facebook page and changed her status to "in a relationship" and pretended like it was no big deal that she was dating the guy that basically demonstrates the theory of evolution. he's somewhere between homoerectus and homosapien. he's fundamentally dumb (his nasty meth habit didn't help), violent (did time in prison for beating a guy half to death), and possessive (she and i went to lunch one day while they were broken up, and he tried to hunt me down and break my legs). now, i don't have anything against stupid people - after all, someone's gotta change my oil at the quick lube place (that's mean, i know, but his big achievement is that he started his own auto shop. really.) - but you'll have to trust me when i say that she's settling. and by settling, i'm not talking about someone who's a little dorky or off - she's not only out of his league, she's playing an entirely different game. he still struggles with walking erect and speaking in complete sentences.

seriously, what is it with apostolic girls dating the worst scumballs they can find, and then letting these guys manipulate them and twist them and shatter their self-esteems? do they think they're doing some sort of self-sacrificial work for God? they're "reaching out" and "saving" someone? do you really think you're going to fix him? remember, when you broke up the first time, he slept with two girls in two weeks, then told you how important you were to him? you really shouldn't believe this guy.

"but he's chaaaaaaaanged!!!!" no, he hasn't. and neither have you. you're still dumb.

i'm sure i've made all kinds of enemies tonight. i love you all.