a little bit awkward

it's not really a secret. about three years ago, i flew from indiana to california to enter a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in los angeles. i spent 13 months there, and then came home to finish school and reenter society.

there are details that led to my going to cali, and i'll spare most of them since they're quite personal. but the long and the short of it is that i had discovered alcohol after i turned 21, my parents had an "intervention", and i did ok for about 4 months before i got fired from a really terrific job and then my life fell apart. i went on a weekend long binge, blew about 300 bucks on booze, and then sobered up long enough to admit that i needed some help.

i got fired for spending too much time on the internet while at work. it turns out that employers frown on that. i had a manager there that was cool, a little bit abrasive, but i liked working for her, who bent over backwards to give me enough warnings that it wouldn't have to escalate, but i was too dumb to listen. anyway, i got canned, and i haven't seen anyone from there since i left.

today is the first day of classes, and i walk in to my class, sit down next to some girl, look over, and realize, there's the manager that, ultimately, had to fire me.

boy, that's awkward.