the little foxes

the old saying goes, "the little foxes spoil the vine."

it's probably true. i'm getting chewed on by some little foxes right now. i know you're out there, and i have a pretty strong suspicion of who you are.

my life is going great. i've got a lot of really great things falling into place right now, and i thank God for it all. i know that He's the force behind it.

it's not cool, though, little foxes, to go around behind my back and start chewing on the vines in my life. if i'm so bad, tell a leader, so they can tell her. and going to her mother is completely out of line. that sort of behavior, little fox, is right up there with homosexuality; Solomon calls it an abomination. we don't need any discord in our field, and you need to keep your chewing to yourself.

i see you, little foxes. and i'm wise enough to know that you're just petty. but i'd appreciate it if you'd keep your pettiness to yourself.