A Liar Is Not Believed Even Though He Tells The Truth

yeah ... i take advice from fortune cookies.

i love chinese food ... and sometimes i just need general tso's chicken, steamed rice, and an eggroll. i eat half the chicken, all the rice, and the eggroll, and then turn my attention to the fortune cookie. i love the taste of that sweet little treat, and sometimes there's a lot of wisdom on that little slip of paper.

a liar is not believed ... and it just kinda hit me. once you're branded, it's over. game over. there's no second chances in life. people don't really offer much in the way of second chances. they talk a big game, 'specially the church sorts. they're - we're - all about that grace stuff. "you can be changed! If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature ...." (this should be read with a deep southern baptist accent to get the full effect). but bring someone around who has a history, a bit of a rough background, and all of the sudden, we've got this different idea of grace. sure, God can forgive him, God can change him, but we're not taking any chances.

see, there is a big deal going on around my peer group with this exact sort of thing ... it's been crazy this past month or so. but i didn't even care until it happened to me.

in fact, i was throwing some pretty heavy stones until it happened to me.

"you need to be careful about brad. he moves fast."

i haven't "moved fast" in three years. and if you've ever seen me play basketball, you'd know how true that really is.

went on a date. hung out with a girl. she's a cool girl. a little young, but a nice girl. and shortly after we started talking, she was approached by some people, and they even went to her mother, to tell them how terrible i was. or, i am. apparently, i'm such a terrible, horrible person who lacks any sort of self-control or discipline, because i'm some sort of hormonal animal and i should be separated from the general population for everyone else's protection.

for the record, these people weren't leaders or people in authority. they were gossipy busy-bodies. i was able to set the record straight with the girl, but still.

see, i used to jump from girl to girl. don't really mean to, but it's an unfortunate aspect of my past. i've only dated 4 girls since i got back into church, including the most recent, but i move fast.

and of those girls i've dated, only 2 were serious to be called a relationship. the others were a couple dates that didn't go anywhere. is that the mark of some sort of serial dater?


you don't believe a liar. we don't give second chances. that's too bad.