i'm reviving my blog. why? because i just love blogspot that much. and i forgot my login to wordpress.

anyway, how's this for confusing? jessica simpson has decided that she'd be willing to do a nude scene or two in order to be taken more seriously. no, really. i'm not making this up. click here for the story.

and, in other news, this campaign is really wearing down on hillary clinton. she looks like margaret thatcher. or worse. i just don't know any other famous old women who look that terrible. janet reno, maybe. additionally, she has invited Iowa voters to "look insider her mouth" and inspect her, opening up an entirely new field of jokes.

things are going well with heidi, thanks for asking. we're starting to talk more seriously, like "till death do us part" serious. i'll keep everyone informed as to how that's going.

the semester is finished, and i'm enjoying some much-needed days off. i'm working on a book (yes, a book) and i have a couple of ideas of things i'd absolutely love to write about, if i'm any good.

anyway, i hope to post more over the next few weeks until classes start. i hope everyone is having a wonderful christmas season.