first impressions

those of you that know me, know that i walk a peculiar political line. i'm not a typical right-wing theocratic republican, but i'm not terribly sympathetic to liberal causes. i oppose the promotion of homosexuality in our schools, though i support protecting certain rights of homosexual couples. i passionately oppose abortion, and i often argue long and hard with bleeding-heart liberal types. i don't like the idea of big government, but i do have a sympathetic heart for those who need a little help, a step up, and i can see a well-regulated government agency (naive, i know) that would exist to help in a short-term sort of situation. most of all, though, i thrive on political incorrectness and irreverent humor. i hate brittle, uptight people who intentionally make an issue out of gender or religion or race or ethnicity or sexual identity. i literally look for every opportunity to shake up these brittle sorts, and being a liberal arts student at a state university usually offers plenty of such opportunities.

i'm getting ready to graduate, and i have to take certain classes that fit my last few requirements. this semester, i'm taking "American Feminist Rhetoric." this is not going to be pretty. i downloaded the syllabus - 32 pages (seriously) - and looked at the roster (there's one other guy in the class), and i developed this terrible feeling of dread. this is gonna suck.

i walk into class tonight, and look around, surveying my classmates. there are, initially, three girls in the classroom already, and all of them look sane, competent, and rational. they all seem to have showered and to be appropriate undergarments, and one of them looks distinctly apostolic. then walk in the lesbians - i knew this would happen. one is fairly girly, but clearly more manish than the average woman, but the other is the real bull-dyke. nose and lip piercings, a man's haircut, jeans, t-shirt, boots, and she's swinging a little too free under that shirt, if you catch my drift.

this one is interesting - she's eating sushi, which instantly leads me to question her relevance as a human being. she's not japanese, so she is probably a vegetarian of some breed, probably because of some high moral ground on the evils of eating animal flesh. don't get me started on my rant that vegetarianism is a backwards evolutionary step. but then she produces a can of soda - regular coke - to drink, and comments on how much coke she drinks each day.

coke is an evil, evil company. at least, that's what the liberals tell me. i drink coke, but i'm insensitive and uncaring. but, allegedly, coke is under investigation for a bunch of really corrupt practices in columbia. ( like i said, i don't really care, and i don't really believe it, but the liberals do. they're all nuts. seriously.

so, eating flesh is bad, but drinking a product that exploits its workers is not a big deal at all.

stupid liberal.

oh, and the professor hates disney because it is a sexist organization. idiot.