Things I Don't Understand

i do this every so often - there are things that utterly confound me. i don't understand them, so i must question them.

right now it is 1:08 in the AM. i've been sick with the flu, and i slept a buttload of hours over the past couple of days. i'm feeling better, so now my mind in racing and i don't want to sleep. i probably could, but i don't want to.

i've been studying the emerging church lately, because i'm teaching about them/it in about a week and a half. so, as a result, i've been reconsidering post-modernism (which i had successfully dismantled, much to the dismay to my idiotic liberal professors at school) and christianity.

so, now, things i don't understand.

i don't understand christians - or, at least, people who place the label of christian upon themselves - apostolics in particular - same disclaimer as before - can be "liberal." specifically, i don't know how they can reasonably support candidates like hillary clinton or barack obama. not because he's muslim or she's the devil incarnate (i know he's not muslim, but she IS the devil incarnate), but because of how ridiculously, ungodly, insanely, immorally liberal they are. seriously!! one thing - they both support abortion. forget their stances on homosexuality (which, unlike the heretic Brian McLaren, i'm willing to say that christianity HAS reached a consensus on - it is still a sin and an abomination to God. just like lying and gossiping. but still a sin.). these people are nuts-o liberals. dear god, they can't even utter a complete paragraph without contradicting themselves.

hillary especially. i mean, have you seen these bloopers? it's late, so i'm not going to look up videos on YouTube to support my claim, but anyone who pays any attention at all knows that she waffles more than Kerry in 2004. Obama has it down, though. he doesn't say anything of substance. THAT is the smart thing - his entire campaign is about how great his campaign is. "We are who we've been waiting for." Really? "We are the change we can believe in." Dear God, someone get this guy a speech writer. like i said - a lack of content works for him.

but worse off - i don't understand post-modern christianity. the emerging church. you know, rob bell, brian mclaren, blue like jazz heretic don miller (actually, he's not as far out as the other guys are, but that's the part that scares me. i don't trust his deconstructionist philosophies, either.). these guys are just crazy. rob bell presents this scenario in velvet elvis - "would it matter if the virgin birth didn't really happen? if that were just a bit of mythology thrown in to make the gospel less true but more appealing to all the false doctrine nutters out there? would it make this any less cool?

i've got a friend - okay, he really isn't my friend, just an acquaintance, but he's friends with a good friend of mine who tells me what he says - who is this idiotic bleeding heart brainless liberal who is an apostolic preacher. a graduate of our bible colleges. and he is totally left-wing wack job. he totally misses the leftist intent to destroy first amendment rights and federally endorse homosexuality. he totally misses how abortion is basically genetic cleansing. he's more concerned with whether or not we eat meat and if we treat prisoners of war with the utmost respect and dignity. seriously. he actually doesn't find the idiot ramblings of barack obama's pastor and "spiritual adviser" frightening. this is why he and i couldn't be friends. he'd say something stupid (aka - liberal) and i'd have to mock him until he cried (which, let's face it, would happen because he's a stupid liberal).

gaah. things i don't understand. this is why i shouldn't blog this late at night.