Attack on the First Amendment

Two things:

First, read this article - - and watch the video embedded below or here -


Why is it that everyone but Christians have a first amendment right to peacefully demonstrate, present their point of view, and protest social injustices?

Second, read this article - Here's the story. A teacher in Texas, Kerry Sorenson, had regularly mocked a 14-year old girl, Emily Garcia, for having long hair. She had threatened all year long that she was going to cut it. Garcia, a Pentecostal, doesn't cut her hair in obedience to scripture.

On May 7, Sorenson came up behind Garcia while Garcia was working in class and cut seven inches off her ponytail, then laughed at her while Garcia cried.

If a teacher had taken a turban off of a Sikh, or uncovered the head and face of a Muslim girl, the liberal, agenda-driven media would have been up in arms. Why not this time?

Hypocrisy stinks.