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Our economy is in dire condition. Energy prices are soaring and, as a result, the prices of every other good, service, and commodity are increasing. A recent Bloomberg article indicates that prices in July increased by 1.1%. I also read that Nancy Pelosi and the Dems want to issue a second round of tax rebate checks to "stimulate" the economy.

I've taken a few government classes, and I don't remember "being a moron" on the list of required qualifications for elected office, but Pelosi has that down to a "T". Somehow, Ms. Pelosi must have failed economics, because she doesn't understand the very basics of supply and demand.

If something is common, it's worth little. If something is scarce, the value increases. The USD is getting killed on the global market. The Americans are suffering at home because of it. The last thing we need is to flush the market with money that is losing its value. Rather, the Fed needs to raise interest rates, the US Government needs to cut spending on the thousands of entitlement programs that are hemorrhaging the budget, there needs to be a short-term tax increase to pay off the debt (how much money do we owe China? I mean really, it's perverse!), and we need to let the economic cycle go through the recession.

As a constituent, I'm telling you that voting for another round of tax rebate checks is a bad idea. I oppose it, and you should too.

You can read further comments I've made on my blog at http://bradtitus.blogspot.com/2008/07/basic-economics.html


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