03 August 2008 - Sunday


It's about 3:00 on a Sunday afternoon, and Heidi and I are sitting in the Great Hall, getting ready to have afternoon tea. Today, we had breakfast delivered to our room and watched "Kung Fu Panda," which was hilarious. After breakfast, we went and swam for awhile, then got ready to go sightseeing. We've walked around some shops and drove around to get pictures in the daytime. Now we're listening to a gentleman play on the piano and sipping Earl Grey and reading and looking out the window and smiling and laughing and kissing. It has been a wonderful trip so far.

Our wedding was absolutely beautiful. The day was a blur - and exhausting - but I loved it. A couple of moments really stand out: seeing Heidi for the first time, seeing her come down the aisle, and getting to run back down the aisle with my wife in my arms.

The next day, Saturday, we drove to Virginia to The Homestead. It was a fun drive, and we got a late start, but we had fun. We got a little lost headed to the resort, but it was ultimately no problem. We're here now, safe and sound.

So far, what I love about being married is waking up to see my wife next to me.


I'm sitting in the great hall next to Brad, sipping Earl Grey tea and listening to a guy playing "Love Sweet Love" on the piano. I'm only slightly fascinated by the funny faces he's making as he concentrates.

As I think back on the past 2 days, it brings tears to my eyes to think of how blessed and totally happy I am. I have never known happiness like this: it makes me want to silly stuff, like climb into a teepee outside the children's shop or just squeal with delight.

The first night - the wedding night - I didn't sleep too well. But last night I fell asleep in Brad's arms and woke up in Brad's arms. It's an amazing feeling - to feel loved, secure, and safe, not to mention overwhelmingly happy.

I love being with him and right now I miss him - he's gone to find a restroom.

I just want to soak in every minute, every moment, every smile, every kiss.

This is awesome. THIS was worth waiting for.