04 August 2008 - Monday


It's afternoon tea time again. Brad's reading and I'm sitting here listening to the music play. It's a bit more crowded today than yesterday.

I still almost can't believe I'm really sitting here next to Brad as his wife. It's unbelievable!

Just being with him is amazing. We don't even have to be doing anything fun, special, or exciting. Just sitting next to him - just going with the flow - it's wonderful.

We haven't done much of anything today. We went to breakfast and it was wonderful! Fresh fruit, and a large assortment of eggs, meats, waffles, and more. Then we rented bikes and rode around for a bit. Then we just laid around in the hotel room for awhile, goofing off and relaxing. We had a very silly moment - a pillow and tickle fight. We went to the bowling alley and bowled a game and then played a game of pool, then played a video game (I'm horrible!). Then we finally found the honeymoon garden.

Dinner is at 5:30 tonight at Sam's Tavern. Brad looks wonderful, as usual. I feel a little under dressed, but he says I look cute. After dinner, we're going to try the indoor pool that's fed by the hot springs.

Hopefully we'll sleep better tonight than we did last night. Someone called our room at 9:30 and wouldn't tell us who they were. We were both up forever trying to go back to sleep, but we woke up much more rested.

I'm in love with the greatest guy ever and I'm the happiest girl alive!

I can't wait to see what each new moment brings.


Heidi and I stumbled upon afternoon tea yesterday by accident, Now we've resolved to make it a habit. We both had Earl Grey again, and sat and listened to the piano and held hands and relaxed.

Last night we had the most wonderful dinner in the main dining room. The chef sent out a thin slice of turkey about the size of the palm of my hand with a delightful relish of some sort. Then for starters, I had the beef ribs with apple-cider barbecue sauce and mashed potatoes and Heidi had the shrimp cocktail. I didn't try hers, but she enjoyed it. Mine, however, was fabulous. First, it was so beautiful on the plate that I didn't want to disturb it. By the time I finished, however, I was ready to lick it clean. For our main course, Heidi had duck "two-ways" - one was a breast roasted off the bone and the other was a leg on the bone served with a plum sauce. I had the Homestead's version of country fried steak with green beans cooked with mushrooms. The white gravy also had a hint of mushrooms, which added a terrific earthy flavor to the whole dish. Between the courses was a delightful lime and mint sorbet served as a pallate cleanser, which was both delicious and effective. For dessert, I had a caramel nut tart with espresso, and Heidi had a key lime creme brule that was quite delicious. Neither of us could finish our main course or dessert. The meal was fabulous.

While we ate, there was a jazz trio that played and there was a dance floor available, as well. The room was gorgeous, and the wait staff was perfect.

After dinner, we sat on the porch and held hands and smiled. She was cold, so she wore my jacket. We were quite sleepy, so we went up to the room, hand-in-hand, and proceeded to go to sleep at around 9:00. Unfortunately, some jerk thought it would be funny to call our room and tell us that they missed us at church that night. I couldn't figure out who it was, but Heidi and I both suspect one of Evan's childish friends. Try as we might, we couldn't go back to sleep, so we watched a movie and ultimately fell asleep by 12:30 or so.

We woke up at around 9:00 this morning, feeling much more refreshed than we have in days past. We almost missed breakfast in the main dining room, but arrive just in time for a delicious meal of eggs, sausage, bacon, ham, biscuits and gravy, fruit, and cereal. We then tried to go on a bike ride, but it was impossible! The hills were SO STEEP, and with the unique pull of gravity on my fat backside, we gave up and instead walked around the resort for a bit.

We went bowling and shot some pool; I lost both. I did, however, win the video game. I'm so proud. We walked around the honeymoon garden and sipped coffee, then want back to our room for a little catnap and pillow fight. We got ready for dinner, and here we are again at the present.

Something else I love about being married is having someone to laugh with.