New Orleans

Three years ago, Hurricane Katrina swept in and destroyed New Orleans. At that point, I said that it was stupid for people to live there, that it was stupid to build a town there, and that it was stupid to rebuild the city. I understand historical significance. I understand cultural influences. Heck, I'm a HUGE jazz fan, and I truly know how critical New Orleans has been to jazz in America.

But now another hurricane has swept through, and it's going to cost the US tax payers another round of billions of dollars to rebuild a city, shaped like a bowl, built in an area that has an unusually high propensity for giant walls of water to come crashing in.

Everyone should move from New Orleans. People who continue to live there, when twice in three years, the city has been destroyed by natural disaster, don't deserve to have the tax payers finance the rebuilding of a bad idea. So here's my position - rather than pay to rebuild the city, the US tax payers will pay to move everyone from that area inland, away from giant storms rushing into a city shaped like a big bowl. Seriously. We'll pay for it. Since everyone has this stupid idea that it's the obligation of the federal government to fix your problems, we'll do it again, but with a little bit of foresight. We will pay relocation expenses and six months of cost of living while you get settled and find a new job.

And for those of you that can't stand to leave the cultural and historical landmarks of New Orleans - I hope you can swim.