Obama's Cabinet

This is bigger than his VP pick - who will be in Barack Obama's cabinet?

He's talked long and hard about "reaching across the aisle" and getting rid of "business-as-usual" in Washington, but that sort of rhetoric is hard to take seriously from one of the most left-leaning politicians in the Senate.

Today, Obama is rumored to have tapped Illinois Representative Rahm Emanuel (D) to be his Chief of Staff. Emanuel has good experience in Washington, and would be a good ideological fit for Obama. The question remains: "Will Obama only appoint individuals of similar ideology?" John Kerry is rumored to be actively seeking the Secretary of State post (though his staff denies this).

These decisions Obama will make over the next several weeks, and it would be wise for a President who faces such divided partisanship to fulfill a campaign promise, reach across the aisle, and appoint some Republicans and moderates to his cabinet. A more appropriate choice, in my opinion, for the Secretary of State post would be Indiana Senator Richard Lugar (R). Such a move would demonstrate Obama's commitment to a bipartisan approach to national politics and could help begin to heal the deep partisan divide that plagues the American political system.