The Good News...

Yes, conservatives, there is good news.

The good news of the 2008 election is that the GOP should still hold onto about 42 seats in the Senate - which means they have filibuster power, so long as no one crosses party lines.

Georgia looks as though it's going to go red in this election, and as best I can tell in Alaska, Ted Stevens is probably going to be reelected, only to be booted by his Senate colleagues for his recent felony conviction. This means the governor of the state will appoint a new interim Senator to take his place, who will have to defend the position in 2010. Alaska's governor, of course, is Sarah Palin, so the appointee will undoubtedly be a strong conservative.

Oregon is still close, but leaning towards Gordon Smith (R). In Minnesota, Republican Norm Coleman narrowly beat out Democratic challenger Al Franken.

Like I said in a previous post, I expect that the 2010 midterm elections will show a strong swing to the right. The United States government is ALWAYS more effective when there is divided government. Neither side gets to push their extreme agendas (neither of which are good for the country as a whole), and everyone sees net economic growth, job growth, and reduction in pork barrel spending (with the exception of the closet liberal George W. Bush, who is the worst conservative ever).

So, breathe easy, conservatives. You still have a constitutional voice, albeit a strained one. The next 2 years should be fascinating.