On Media Bias in the Election

Let's be clear - I'm a passionate moderate/conservative. I don't like Barack Obama, I don't like his policies, and I don't think he's qualified to be president.

But I'm glad the election is over, and I'm (sort of) glad that he won. But I'm growing weary of the constant conservative whining about media bias for Obama.

Look - media is a business. It's all about ratings, all about sales, all about advertising, all about money. So the media will continue to be the filthy, whoring, nasty little worms that they are and run the biggest, best, most sensational stories that will draw people to their stations. So what does that mean for the election?

Barack Obama is, if nothing else, a positively fascinating candidate. John McCain is - and way - old news. We heard ALL about John McCain in 2000, and he's not done much else since then (except, of course, sell out to the party establishment). So why would there be reporting about the person John McCain?

Next, look at the campaigns. McCain ran the same campaign that every other candidate in recent history has run - it wasn't any different. He had typical GOP big donors, no clarity in his message, a poor choice of a running mate, and a hostile-at-best relationship with the GOP leadership. There was contention and disagreement in his campaign ranks, and a suddenly hostile relationship with a press that had formerly fawned over him.

Obama, on the other hand, ran an unique, one-of-a-kind campaign from the bottom up that has been unlike anything else seen on a national scale (thought, it was shockingly similar to Mitch Daniels' gubernatorial bid in 2004 in Indiana). His campaign was strong, energetic, and well-run. He's a new candidate, with a new message, and energized and mobilized (even if they didn't vote in record numbers like predicted) a base of volunteers unlike anything our nation has seen.

I'm not denying that there is a bias in the news media - and that includes Fox News. Cable and broadcast networks all tend to be left-leaning (some more than others), and Fox News is conservative (even the No-Spin Doctor Bill O'Reilly). Everyone has an angle, everyone has an agenda, and everyone comes to a situation with a lens through which they view the world. This includes TV personalities and news reporters.

Nor am I denying that the mainstream media missed some big gaffes that, had they been Republican, would have caused the offender to be kicked, punched, spat upon, and generally humiliated for such foolishness. But for the Dems, some things get overlooked (i.e., Biden - "This whole thing is gonna come down to a three-letter word: J-O-B-S.")

But it's not enough to throw the election. Obama ran a great campaign; McCain ran a terrible one. Obama was a great candidate; McCain was a great candidate 8 years ago. Obama represented a change of direction; McCain's attempt to appear genuinely Republican made him appear too Republican. So while conservatives can complain that media bias ruined the election, I think it's time to quit whining.