Why I'm Glad that Obama Won

I'm going to be totally honest - I don't like Barack Obama. I don't like his policies, I don't like his platforms, and I don't like his crazy, passionate, idiotic supporters who have no clue what all of his policies really mean. But I'm glad that he won the election.

The conservative movement is in trouble. I've been saying for years that the Republican party is going to split, and I was right. The GOP has become a bastardized doppelganger of the Party of Reagan, rife with contention between the Foreign Policy Hawks, the NeoConservative Religious Right, and the Anti-Federalist/Libertarians of the party.

As a modern conservative who only remembers Reagan in theory, I have to say that Reagan's status as a party demi-god is a little disheartening to someone who feels quite strongly about that whole "thou shalt not" thing. Reagan's policies were perfect for his time, and that's why he won. But the party cannot continue to look for Reagan reincarnate to lead. The GOP and the Conservative momement have lost touch with their roots and the needs and desires of the American people.

There is a generation of Americans who don't understand how trickle-down economics works, and the Democrats have successfully painted such policies as "tax cuts for the rich." The GOP has a mixed-message on health care, social programs, and the economic crisis (for instance, after pushing through the huge, disgusting $700 billion bailout, President Bush warned Americans about "too much government" involved in the market).

It's time for the Conservative movement and the GOP to redefine conservativism, to find a conservative message that resonates with America. They should take the next 2 years to redefine it, and respond in force in 2010.