What Blackberry Does Better than iPhone - Vol. 1

A running joke between me and my friends is that I change phones more often than my underwear (this is disconcerting on so many levels). But I'm a techie dork and I love gadgets, and I'm ADD, so one phone gets old and I switch to another.

I've had both an iPhone (original and 3G) and a BlackBerry (Pearl, 83xx, 88xx), and there are some things about the iPhone that I LOVE, such as threaded chats and the full web browser, as well as the basic iPod functionality. I love the BlackBerry because, despite the proven ruggedness of the iPhone, I feel like I'm less likely to break it when (not if) I drop it. Plus, the BlackBerry is insurable, and as of my cancelled service on the iPhone, it was not.

But, what I love about the BlackBerry is twofold - the integrated apps (such as Facebook and Pandora) and the ability to run multiple programs at a time.

The item that attracted my attention today is that I can listen to Pandora on BlackBerry and still do other things on my phone as well. iPhone owners can only dream.

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