Yeah, But You Should See the Other Guy (Updated 1/8/2010)

So this thing happened to me the other day ... I'm driving to work, minding my own business, when this little punk jumps out of nowhere and gets in my face. Now, I'm usually a mild-mannered guy, but there was no stopping this, so we had a fight. He's right there, keeping me from getting through, and I couldn't help it, so I smacked him upside his head. I ended up jumping off the road and into a ditch. My poor Jeep ultimately came to a stop when it hit a concrete drainage pipe in the ditch. Jerry (the Jeep) had to be pulled out by his legs, and he was taken on a stretcher to a body shop. He has some missing teeth now and a black eye, but things could be worse. And, you should see the other guy. The good news in this story is that no one was hurt (except Jerry) and the other guy's insurance company is accepting total liability for the accident, so I don't have to pay a deductible or anything. Right now, Jerry is being examined to see if he can be restored, or if we have to put him to sleep. I heard from the insurance company - my poor guy couldn't make it. They pulled the plug. Now I'm car shopping.