When it comes right down to it ... (or, Why I Am A Christian)

I don't believe in God because of a set of facts that convinced me. I had doubts that didn't go away when I became a Christian. I still have some doubts. But I let my experiences and relationship inform my doubts, and they become smaller because of it. On his podcast, Andy Stanley has been talking about how people don't often become Christians because of a well-reasoned argument or because a book answered all their questions. They become a Christian because, well, because it's personal. It becomes real to them on a very personal level, and their doubts, in comparison, become smaller.

If you ask a single man why he's not married, he'll give you a whole list of excuses as to why - he likes his freedom, he doesn't want to be tied down, he doesn't have enough money, etc. etc. etc. But when a man meets THE ONE, all of those excuses go right out the window - it's not about what you're giving up any more. It's about her.

I'm not a Christian because I'm easily duped or because I need God to make me feel better - I'm a Christian because I've had experience upon experience upon experience with Jesus and I know that I know that I know ... I can repeat with the Apostle Paul - I am PERSUADED! When it comes right down to it, I'm a Christian because I met Christ, and I can't make that go away.