Recommended Blogs - Updated

On the right of the screen, there is a list of blogs that I subscribe to, and that I added to my blogroll. These are all great blogs, and worth reading. There are a couple worth pointing out, though. For the Love of God!

This blog is updated at least weekly by my good friend Jordan, an associate pastor at Christ Memorial Temple in Lafayette, IN, and campus pastor at Purdue University. God's doing some awesome stuff through his ministry, and this is just a little glimpse of what's going on up there. Each week, he posts a preview of what he'll be preaching that week, and I always find it thoughtful, Biblical, and encouraging. Now, if we could just get him to podcast ....


Kyle is a great friend, and his blog is terrific. He and his new wife are metro-missionaries to Washington D.C., and he's evangelizing the country right now deputizing for Living Hope DC. He sometimes will blog three or more times a week, and sometimes he'll go weeks without blogging. But when he blogs, it's worth reading. I recommend checking it out.

The 1st Follower

My friend Tyler is new to the blogosphere, but he has hit the ground running. He regular updates with about two or three posts per week. Hopefully, he'll continue at that maddening pace. A bible college graduate, Tyler is a youth pastor in Warsaw, Indiana. Take a look at his blog and see what's going on.

Theosophical Ruminations

Jason Dulles is brilliant. I haven't met him personally, but he thoughtfully and artfully declares biblical truth in philosophical, scientific, and theological fields. Not only are his blogs encouraging, but they're great resources for witnessing and apologetics. Check it out, and take notes!

What blogs do you read and recommend?