A Father-Son Gift Registry

As many of you may know, my wife is pregnant. We're having a son in May, and his name is Lincoln Daniel. I'm so overwhelmingly excited that I can hardly contain myself. Recently, I went with Heidi to register for gifts for the many baby showers that we will have across our many different social groups. Gift registries are fun - it's like going shopping with a bunch of other people's credit cards.

Heidi and I registered at buybuy BABY and Target (as friends and family in Bloomington don't have easy access to a buybuy BABY), and the process was, well, boring. Heidi didn't let me register for anything I wanted to register for (I couldn't sell her on the need for a Blu-ray DVD player for Lincoln). So, I decided to create my own gift registry.

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"Train up a child," the proverb says, "and he will not depart from it." Let's get those gadgets going early. There are tons of movies and videos for Lincoln that Heidi is going to want to watch, and in those critical developmental phases of his life, I think it's important that he get to watch those movies in Blu-ray quality. Heidi says no, but the Sharp AQUOS BD-HP70U is the perfect companion to my HDTV. Don't forget the HDMI Cable! Let's be honest - it's important that Lincoln be exposed to the very best video quality as a child so as to promote brain development. I have a study to prove it! (Okay, so technically, I made up that study.)

Also, Lincoln is bound to cry and whatnot, which may interrupt football season. So I think the Bose 3-2-1 GS Series III surround sound system is just what the doctor ordered. Coupled with the new Blu-ray player, this system will help me - *cough* - I mean, Lincoln really grasp the depth and soul of the Baby Einstein DVDs Heidi will be playing for him. I'm only looking out for the welfare of my son.

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I strongly believe that Lincoln should hunt, fish, and camp often. He needs to know how to handle guns, filet a fish, field dress a bison, and stalk wild turkeys. So we're going to register him at Gander Mountain. Gun safety is important, and he needs to be comfortable with firearms, so we're looking at pistols, revolvers, shotguns, rifles, and even bows. I don't know how to use all this stuff yet, so I'll need to spend some time with them before I can teach him. It's for Lincoln, though. Not me.

Camping gear ... hunting gear ... fishing gear ... check. I'm going to figure this out, and be back in a couple of weeks. :-)

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Over the past 10 years or so of my life, I have become a bit of a handy-man. I also have a penchant for wood-working, and would love to learn to build furniture and pass those skills on to Lincoln. At the very least, Lincoln needs to know basic home maintenance, so I'm going to need to outfit a complete workshop.

Growing up with my dad, we had a unique situation. Dad taught me a lot about using tools by example. Specifically, what not to do. Dad has a pretty good tool collection, but he has no idea how to use them. That's okay - I do. He buys nice toys, and I use them. It works great.

One other thing I learned from Dad - the importance of a good first aid kit. Dad couldn't even use a hack saw without drawing blood, so I learned early on how to apply a tourniquet, how to clean a wound, and when a cut is deep enough to require stitches. I'll try to share those lessons with Lincoln as well, but I'll probably just send him over to Papa Bob's house for a weekend so he can learn the basics of first aid and CPR.

Anyway, that's my father-son gift registry. If anyone wants to buy something, you can just email me and I'll give you my shipping address. ;-)

On a serious note, one thought that went through my mind all night long: having a child is the most expensive decision I've ever made. I'm super-excited for Lincoln to arrive, but I appreciate everyone's prayers as Heidi and I begin this journey of parenthood.