Clearing Smoke: Cutting Through the Distortion of the House Republicans

"The Democrats have not yet presented a budget." That's the line that the House Republicans keep spinning as the federal government sits on the verge of shutdown.

Here's the problem - the Republicans control the House, and budget bills MUST originate in the House. The Senate (which has a Democratic majority) can't create a budget - they can only consult with the House. The White House can't create a budget - they're limited the same way. So don't take Boehner or Ryan seriously when they throw mud at the Dems for not doing what they're not allowed to do. The budget has to originate in the House.

Also, would someone please explain to House Republicans that, of the three units of government which must agree, they only control one? Despite the 2010 elections, the GOP is still in the minority in the Senate, and Dems control the White House. Sorry, Boehner, but you're going to HAVE to compromise. Man up and tell the Tea Party to sit down. You'll be doing the whole country a favor.