The Republicans have no real plan to cut the deficit

The big line from the GOP/Tea Party has been "we are going to cut the deficit, we are going to cut the deficit, we are going to cut the deficit." All along, I've been suspicious, because they have a history of this kind of misdirection (a better word might be lie). So, imagine my total lack of surprise when I saw that John Boehner, Republican Speaker of the House, said that before the Republicans would pass the debt ceiling, he would require $4 trillion in tax cuts and only $2 trillion in spending cuts.

No, I didn't transcribe that wrong. Boehner is proposing cutting taxes by twice what he will cut in spending. This represents exactly what is wrong with the Republican party - they buy into the myth that tax cuts are magical, will restore the economy, and the increased income will trickle down to everyone else (and by "everyone else," I mean the bottom 99% of income earners). In reality, the tax cuts haven't done anything except explode the deficit, have failed to stimulate a stagnant economy, and in the era of Friedman economics, have caused the greatest income disparity seen since before the Great Depression.

This is just more evidence to support the fact that the Republican party is just the Corporate Party of America, and they're bought and paid for by Big Business. The sad part is, they've convinced at least half of America that these terrible ideas are actually going to work.

Wonkbook: Boehner's debt-limit demands would increase the deficit - Ezra Klein - The Washington Post.