Marco Arment on Ending the Shutdown


The Tea Party is probably the loudest and most dangerous fringe in U.S. politics today (and that’s saying a lot — both sides have some really whacked-out fringes). But this just shows that the real power in the Republican party is, was, and always be big money. And big money won’t let a debt default happen, because it could be very expensive for them.

Democrats have known this about our party for years: the needs of the people always take a back seat to the needs of big money. Truly liberal policies are rarely even discussed, let alone enacted, even when the Democrats are in power.

The Tea Party was under the impression that they actually had more power over the Republicans. But no — they have enough to cause trouble, but not enough to actually make policies against the interests of big money. (Nobody can.)

Once again, George Carlin was right.

In an episode of the West Wing, Josh Lyman (I believe) says that we have two corporate parties: one pro-choice, one pro-life. The Tea Party has been suffering from delusions of grandeur for some time, but the fact that their 17 day tantrum resulted in them getting absolutely nothing out of it should go to show them how ineffective they really are. Follow the Carlin link and you'll realize how right he really is.