Measles Outbreak in Texas

From USA Today:

Although overall vaccination rates remain high, communities of like-minded parents who refuse immunizations for their children have been vulnerable to outbreaks.

All of the sch
ool-age children infected in the Eagle Mountain outbreak were home-schooled, health officials say. Texas requires children be vaccinated before attending school.

A few thoughts: 

  1. Someone who is immune can carry the virus and infect someone who isn't. 
  2. Someone who is not immunized can contract the virus up to two hours after someone who carries the virus has left the room.  
  3. 90% of those exposed who are not immunized will contract the disease. 
  4. This isn't limited to measles, either. There have been outbreaks of whooping cough across the country, as well.  
  5. There's no reliable scientific link between vaccinations and autism. Any "evidence" is anecdotal and speculative, at best. 

Or, to quote John Gruber, "Tell me again how there’s no link between religious zealotry and dangerous anti-scientific views. "

Christians do themselves no favors by being willfully ignorant. On the other hand, from a purely Darwinian perspective, these folks are doing the human race a favor, willingly ending a genetic signature that is clearly damaged.