Leigh Alexander - Gamers Are Over

Via Gamasutra

‘Games culture’ is a petri dish of people who know so little about how human social interaction and professional life works that they can concoct online ‘wars’ about social justice or ‘game journalism ethics,’ straight-faced, and cause genuine human consequences. Because of video games.

I made a comment about my disappointment in Intel dropping their sponsorship of Gamasutra  with the hashtag #gamergate, and received a flood of comments from Twitter trolls who have nothing better to do than track a hashtag to attack anyone who doesn't agree with them. In my mind, these are the people who spend 18 hours a day playing Call of Duty (or any other such video game) with such intensity that when a n00b like me logs into a multiplayer world, we die as soon as we spawn. Somehow, this is so critically important to these people that they have no real life outside of video games and Cheetos. 

I'm not much of a gamer, and people like this are the reason why. Kudos to Leigh Alexander and the rest of the crew who are working to promote change. This entire essay is terrific and worth reading.