Link: 5 Arguments Against an Eternal Hell

I like Jayson Bradley. I like his last name. I’m not crazy about that fancy-schmancy spelling of his first name, though. Seems a little elitist. If you’ve got an “a” in there already, what do you need the “y” for? It’s too much, Ja(y)son. 

But Jayson published a blog a few weeks ago that I’ve had saved because I wanted to respond to it. I liked it. It touched on some things I’ve long been thinking about, and even if I don’t agree with all of his conclusions, it’s some really great food for thought. 

In his blog (linked above), Jayson lays out five problems he has with the idea of hell being an eternal, conscious torment, a doctrine which is largely sacrosanct in evangelical circles. Much like Jayson does in his blog, I’ll lay out a disclaimer - God likes questions and people who are curious and ponder about Him and His kingdom. Faith is trusting despite my struggles and questions, not blindly accepting whatever doctrine or theory or imaginative flight is delivered from behind the pulpit. Secondly, no one (at least not me) is denying that sin has consequences and can separate you from God. Neither am I arguing that sin doesn’t anger, upset, and hurt God. But these issues raised by Jayson echo thoughts that I’ve had, and I wanted to share them with you. Please, read his blog, and share your thoughts with him (and me!)