Long Time Gone

I haven't blogged in awhile, and I want to get back into it. Just some brief updates of what's going on in my life. 

I lost my job in November, so I've been involved in the longest job hunt of my life. Six months isn't terrible, but it's been difficult and frustrating for me and for Heidi. I've been doing odd jobs in the meantime - substitute teaching, tutoring, ghost writing, and waiting tables - and I've enrolled in classes back at IUPUI. I'm pursuing a degree in Computer Engineering, because I really want to learn to code, and I like the design elements of CE that aren't offered by a Computer Science program. I'm starting with some math classes this summer and diving into the programming classes this fall. Fortunately, already having a degree (particularly in the Liberal Arts) means that I won't have to take any of the extra classes, and I should be able to complete the program in 2 1/2 to 3 years. 

The plus side of having lost my job is that I have been able to spend a ton more time with my son. Lincoln just turned three, we're doing potty training, and he and I get to hang out each day and play with blocks, do puzzles, and read books. We go to breakfast a couple times a week and to the park and he helps Dada do laundry and cook brownies. It has been a wonderful, wonderful time, and despite all the other frustrations of this period of unemployment, I wouldn't give up a single minute of my time with my boy. 

I have a couple of job leads that still might pan out. If they do, I'm still going to go back to school. There are things I want to do professionally that I can't do with my current skill set, and I really want to move into programming and technical communications. I made a mistake when I got my English degree - I wanted to be a technical person who writes, and instead I got the training to be a writer with some technical skills. I should have focused on the technical training and built up my writing skills, rather than focus on the writing and neglecting altogether any technical skills. It's a long way around, but I'm fixing it now.

I'll try to blog more, if for no other reason than I find the outlet helpful. I hope everyone has a great weekend.