If You Want to Make the Gods Laugh

...just tell them your plans.

I'm pretty sure that's an old Greek aphorism. Maybe the Christian equivalent would be something like "God's ways are higher than our ways," but I recently read the Percy Jackson series, so I'm sticking with the Greek.

I had a plan. I lost my job in November and I've engaged in an as-yet fruitless job hunt. Meanwhile, I've been freelancing, substitute teaching, and waiting tables. I start school in just a few weeks for computer engineering, and while working the evenings isn't ideal for family life, Heidi and I planned on making it work. I had a good plan.

I hadn't ever ceased the job hunt, and yesterday I interviewed for a really interesting marketing position at a local animal hospital. While I was in the interview, I received an email for a different marketing position at an investment firm. I interview with that company on Friday.

I'm still planning on going back to school, but these new developments throw a major wrench in my plans. No more day classes. Fewer classes per semester. Going back to school is going to take longer, and god knows I've spend way too much time in college already.

I had a plan. I'll take these new opportunities in stride, because they'd be better for my family and for me in the long run. But I swear, I can hear the gods laughing at my plans.