Solving Problems We Don't Have (Thoughts on Apple Pay)

Shawn King of The Loop asks of Apple's new payment system, Apple Pay,

"My question has always been, is using a credit card really all that difficult for most people that they need and want this kind of replacement?"

i think the big draw of Apple Pay isn't just the ease of use - it's the security of it. On my iPhone, I would have to use Touch ID to verify that it's me; on the Apple Watch, I can enter a security code and it only remains active for as long as I keep the device on my wrist. Remove it and I have to re-verify before I can use Apple Pay again. It's a level of security which doesn't really exist for credit cards.

Just last week I used my dad's card at a home improvement store (with permission). The clerk asked for ID, I provided it, it obviously didn't match, but she permitted me to make the purchase anyway. It made things easier for me, but it's also quite troubling to see how this could be abused. 

So maybe the demo at today's event wasn't quite the problem that Apple Pay is solving. It's as much - if not more - about security as it is about convenience. But I'm sure Apple Pay is pretty easy to use, especially if you can launch from the lock screen.