LINK: Republicans Plot New Tactics to Take on Donald Trump

From Time Magazine:

Trump has risen from petty distraction to campaign sensation, rising near the top of national and early-state polling on the backs of his universal name recognition, a platform appealing to the GOP fringes, and a steady stream of inflammatory comments.
This has led campaigns and Republican leaders to rethink their response to Trump. Initial efforts to ignore him have failed, daily denunciations of him have only increased his visibility, putting him into first place in the GOP field according to one online-only poll sponsored by YouGov and The Economist. A candidate that many Republicans long courted for his megaphone and populist following now threatens to tar the larger party with comments about rapists and criminals flooding over the southern border.

At least they realize that this guy is a problem. Unfortunately, his bombast and discriminatory comments align with the views of a significant number of Republican and Tea Party voters. 

The good news is that by seeing the extremes of the party personified in someone like Donald Trump, smart Republican candidates will begin to move away from the fringes and embrace a more rational, empathetic approach on issues like immigration.