Just Friends

“What is man, that thou art mindful of him …?” Psalms 8:4

I recently received the “just friends” talk. You know what that is, “You’re a great friend, and I don’t want to lose your friendship, but there’s someone else.” To hear it is the worst possible feeling in the world, and to say it, well, that’s the worst thing that you could ever say to another person.
Now, I’ll admit that I am guilty of using that horrid line to my serve my own purposes, but I started thinking about it, and it really hurts. I am just crazy about this person, and I can’t hardly stand seeing her with another person when I want to be with her. It hurts to think about, hurts to talk about, and she wants to make sure that, even though she is with this guy, she and I can maintain our friendship. Of course, like always, I said yes.
Then God started dealing with me. As much as it hurts me, and eats me up inside to be “just friends,” how much more does it hurt God for us to treat Him simply as our friend? In Psalms 8:4, mindful can be interpreted as obsessed, or passionate about. Jesus is passionate about us; He thinks about us, each of us, individually, all the time, and wants to be part of our lives. It hurts Him when we treat our relationship with Him casually, like we’re just friends. Christ wants to be intimate with us, and He won’t be happy with anything else.
If I, in my carnal, fleshly state, can’t stand to see someone I care about not reciprocating those feelings, how much worse is it for Him? I don’t want to be “just friends” with Jesus.