After a half hour or so, the passengers begin to settle in, and a stillness rests upon the entire plane. The attendants move from row to row, asking what we’d like, if anything, to drink. As I accept my ginger ale, cup of ice, and package of three honey-roasted peanuts, the source of the airline industry’s financial bane becomes quite clear to me.
I look out the window, and I am comforted to see the layer of clouds beneath us; the blue seems to go one forever, and I smile and sigh. The takeoff was somewhat turbulent: winds on the ground rocked the plane during our ascent. But up here, there is no turbulence; there are no distractions; there is nothing to detract from the serenity of my vacation.
In a few moments, the in-flight movie will start, an R-rated drama edited to “G” level entertainment. In a few moments, I’ll start some homework. In a few moments, time will continue. But right now, I’m on vacation.