new year's resolutions

its a new year, and, in true form, i will make new year's resolutions.

i think i heard a survey that said that 90% of all new year's resolutions are broken by march. everyone's new year's resolutions is to lose weight. even my brother wants to drop 25 lbs before his wedding. since i need to (and want to) lose weight, my new year's resolution is to NOT lose weight. (take THAT reverse psychology).

my second new year's resolution is to not die. actually, make that my number 1 resolution. if i die, weight loss won't mean much, unless i died from a weight-related illness, which would be ironic, wouldn't it?

my third new year's resolution is to make the dean's list my last 3 semesters at college. i did it last spring and summer, but i struggled this fall. i need to get back on the wagon and finish strong, or i'll never get admitted to IBC. (that was a joke.)

my fourth new year's resolution is to grow spiritually and develop a relationship with someone that results in them coming to church and getting saved. that might be two, but i want to see my ministry develop, and to see a soul saved.

my fifth new year's resolution is to find a date for evan's wedding in july. any takers?

to recap:
1.) don't die
2.) begin a life-style change that results in substantial, sustainable weight-loss.
3.) make the dean's list through graduation (december, 2007)
4.) grow spiritually
a.) bring someone to church and see them saved
5.) find a date for evan's wedding