Lobbying God

I took some time lately to fast and to pray, because there is a situation that is in limbo, and I am hoping for a particular outcome. I was in my car during a break at school between classes, praying to God that He would arrange it so that I received my desire.

Then, I started thinking, because I'm ADD, about lobbying groups in American politics. They visit lawmakers and decision-makers, trying to influence public policy and legislation that is favourable to their cause. They aren't always interested in the greater good, but only the good for their interest.

Is that what prayer should be? "NO!" God checked me. When I pray, when I fast, I am working to submit my personal desires, my personal ambitions, all of what seems like a good idea to me to God's will, and learning to accept it. I can't just "lobby God," hoping for an outcome favourable to what I think I want. I have to let God show me what is right for my life, what He has planned for me, and when I pray, I have to pray that God will teach me to accept and understand His will.

So now I'm not lobbying God anymore. "My Father, ... thy kingdom come, thy will be done in my life as it is in heaven."