Let it Snow

There's something about the snow: it's pure; it's white; it's new. I woke up this morning and clamoured to the window, and the entire world was white. As far as my eye could see, the entire world was covered with those delicate crystals.

Undisturbed, peaceful; I love seeing the morning after a snowfall. Before anyone has trekked out to work or to school; even before the morning paper has come; while the moon is still casting its gentle light across the landscape - I love fresh snow.

Snow reminds me of grace. When grace falls, before the cares of life bring the occasional snowdrift, before our own humanity and carnality blemishes the gentle, fresh landscape of our hearts, God's grace makes us perfect.

Lord, let your grace fall like snow in my life. Let me remain pure and unspotted before You.

"... though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow ...."