She's ... nice.

So I went to a service in Bloomington last night where a friend of mine was preaching, and afterwards, they had a time of fellowship in the adjoined gym. Having failed to understand that (a) the service was casual and (b) I needed a change of clothes in order to adequately participate in the activities (basketball is not easy in dress shoes), I resigned to chatting with my friends on the sidelines. I paid the admission to partake of the pizza, and I realized that churches have quite a racket going - five bucks for a couple slices of pizza, and I still have to buy my own soda?

I was talking with my friends - the guy who preached and his girlfriend - and I noticed there was a girl who looked to be about my age with whom I was not familiar. Being the ever sociable, open-minded individual that I am, I asked about her from my friend's girlfriend. Her reply? "Oh, her. She's ... nice." When I laughed uproariously and expressed that I clearly got it, she tried to backpedal and encourage me to introduce myself. Her boyfriend, however, proceeded to explain it quite clearly - "She's crazy, man."

In guy code, "she's nice" means one or more of the following:
1 - she's not attractive
2 - she has obnoxious personality characteristics
3 - she has no other positive quality that I can think of to share with you
4 - she's weird.

So, ladies, if you ever are going to try and introduce a girl to anyone, never begin to describe her with "she's nice". For us guys, that's all the reason we need to run far and fast the other way.