the italy blog ...

... as if one blog could fully express everything that there was to do ....

i saw the david by michelangelo, and i nearly cried. i was left speechless by its presence; i was moved by the precision and beauty of it; the presentation was overwhelming.

i sat in the sistine chapel and stared at the ceiling in awe. the last judgement was amazing.

i held up the leaning tower of pisa, and i walked around dowtown rome, a tourist by day, and i went out at night. i ate in restaurants where they didn't speak english, and listened to musicians sing classic italian songs while playing accordian.

i sat in cafe's, drinking strong coffee and reading philosophy while writing in my journal. i watched people, and i lived the life i've always dreamed of.

i want to move to venice. i want to think in italian, to read italian, and to even write in italian. i loved it, and i want to go back again, and again, and again.