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ok, as a recovering republican, i try and keep my political views out of the blogosphere, because i'm highly unpopular in the conservative evangelical movement. that being said, as a student who has finished his minor in political science, i find it difficult to observe what is undoubtedly going to be a long, heated, and potentially historical presidential election in 2008.

first, i'd like to address the issue of historic. if the most qualified candidate wins, the united states will have elected their first ... MORMON president.

i'm not talking about barack obama. yet.

mitt romney is probably the best candidate for the job (that has officially announced his candidacy - fred thompson i like, but he's not yet officially announced his candidacy). i just received my weekly issue of TIME in the mail, and began to peruse it before i went to work (i'll finish that sucker tonight. or tomorrow at the license brance. geez, i hate getting my license renewed.) the two stories about romney? what his convictions are, and if his religion matters.

for those of you who don't have any concept of reality and what matters (and, according to most polls, that's about 70% of americans. i'm pretty sure my three readers are smarter and better informed than most americans. at least, that's what i tell myself), mitt romney isn't a professed protestant, like every president before and after JFK (JFK, of course, was a catholic.) i say "professed" protestant, because not many of them practice any semblence of christianity, in my humble opinion. anyway, romney is a mormon. what does that mean? i don't really know. the mormons stopped by my house to proselytize me about a year ago, shared with me their testimony, and then i shared a few of my perspectives. i am now the proud owner of a copy of the book of mormon, and they don't come to my house anymore. they wave as they pass by.

but i digress. romney isn't a protestant - he's mormon. according to most protestants, mormon's aren't christian, and according to mormons, they are. to me, it's not a huge deal, because for the major social issue babies that the evangelicals campaign and protest and picket and froth at the mouth over, the mormon church is going to agree.

do you like irony? i do, so i'll share some. the GOP brands itself as the "party of the family". what's interesting is the big names of the GOP - Giuliani (who, don't get me wrong, I love), McCain, and the ever popular, ever wonderful, savior of the GOP (he said with tongue firmly planted in cheek) Newt Gingrich (really, I don't like him) - have all had failed marriages. The two major dems running for office - Shrillary Clinton and Barak Obama - are both on marriage number one. but not romney.

in a recent interview, mitt romney was asked if he and his wife, a converted mormon, obeyed the mormon church's prohibition against premarital sex. they have. they waited until they were married to have sex. i wonder how many of the "christian" GOP candidates can stand behind that biblical principle.

for some reason, the evangelicals are hesitant to support romney. they shouldn't be. he's smart, experienced, and his views on the major social issues that the GOP fights for - abortion and gay rights - are spot on. and rational, which is a nice change. why the heck can we not look past his minor digression from the "norm"? he's perfect!

and now, as promised, a bit about obama, his balls, and oil.

in this article - - we have a report of obama going to detroit (the union capital of the united states. i hate unions, but, again, i digress) to pander support. he didn't do a great job, and i loved it. not because i'm opposed to his socialist tendencies, but because he said some things that really needed to be said.

enough about obama's balls. he called out the motor city for their fuel irresponsibility, and pointed out that it has played a major role in the decline of GM and Ford, compared with the rise of foreign, particularly japanese, car manufacturers. its time that american automobile manufacturers started investing in discovering and developing new options for powering automobiles, from hybrids to hydrogen powered cars to ethanol to entirely new and unthought of fuel sources. there's no good reason to maintain the status quo, unless you are financially vested in oil. i'd love to see that part of al gore's ignorant platform make its way into the mainstream.

but how great is it that obama went into detroit, and ripped them? is anyone else excited to see a candidate who is willing to say something that isn't popular, and to stand on principle? even if i do disagree with much of what obama says, that sort of honesty and courage are refreshing in the US political system. get it, barack.