Jimmy Carter's Nuts

See, that title is funny because former President Jimmy Carter was a peanut farmer, and coincidentally, he's gone freaking insane. I'm more than a little bit certain that he's suffering from Alzheimer's Disease. Recent reports indicate that, this past spring, he hid his own Easter eggs.


Carter, who is arguably the worst president ever (yes, even worse than Taft), has, in recent years, blasted Bush and his policies. Recently, in the story linked above, Carter has stated that "Bush's administration is 'the worst in history' in international relations", citing the Iraq war, the preemptive war doctrine, and its Middle East diplomacy.

Clearly, Carter has forgotten his sordid presidency. He reinstated the draft, allowed Russia to invade Afghanistan (which, for those of you not familiar with Middle East history, eventually led to a civil war in Afghanistan. Carter then initiated a program that funded the training of Islamic fundamentalists in Afghanistan and Pakistan, and the Taliban took control of the country. Enter 9/11.), and demonstrated time and again his weak foreign policy. He depleted the military, cut defense spending, advocated communism (a position he hasn't changed - he still visits Cuba), and, at the pinnacle of his presidential failures, his irresponsible foreign policy led to the Cuban Hostage Crisis.

The worst part, though, is his blatant ignorance. He posits (with many of the ignorant leftists) that Bush "lied" to get us into Iraq. Of course, the "lie" to which they are referring is that Iraq had WMDs and was a risk to the world. Now, I'll readily admit that I supported the initial Iraq invasion because I truly believed that there were WMDs, but also for the obscene human right's violations of Saddam Hussein's regime. Of course, the whole WMD argument seems a little weak (they have found some, but nothing like the stockpile we were expecting), but I do have a real issue with the position that Bush "lied". To lie is to intentionally deceive. If Bush had known that there were no WMDs in Iraq, he would have known that this would come to light. If he had lied about the WMDs, why wouldn't he have planted some in Iraq? To argue that he intentially deceived the world to justify the war, knowing that his lie would be found out, is just fundamentally dumb. It demonstrates the absolute lack of rational thinking in the mind of Jimmy Carter.

Carter is irrelevant. He was irrelevant as a president, and he's been irrelevant ever since. He needs to shut up. Jimmy Carter's nuts.