What I Love About George Bush

Politicians these days .... What do they care about? Ratings. They keep watching the polls, seeing what is popular. They're vote whores, all of them.

The new legislation that was passed, or that is being discussed, rather, the amnesty bill for the illegal immigrants .... They don't care about rule of law anymore - they care about votes. The left supports it because they are wooing the Mexican vote; the right because they are wooing Big Business. It's all about power. And I hate it.

See, there was a time in these United States when politicians had a platform, when they took a position, when they believed what they believed and they stood for what they believed, even in the face of adversity. That doesn't happen today. Look at the candidates for the GOP - Romney, Giuliani, and McCain. McCain is the only one who has stood against abortion and gay marriage consistently. Romney suddenly flipped on the abortion issue, saying that he realized that Roe v. Wade had cheapened human life. Now, I agree with him - I'm against abortion - but it's awfully convenient that he changed his views as he makes his bid for the candidacy. The same with Giuliani. Personally, I love Giuliani. It's probably a bit of hero worship, but I've met the guy, and I like him a lot. He's charming, he's forceful, and he's smart. But he changed his position on both gay marriage AND abortion as he has begun to vie for the nomination.

Here's the problem. I would have supported Giuliani no matter what. He's a good candidate, and he can win. He'll bring fiscal conservatism back to Washington, and he's got a strong, proven record on crime. He's got balls (he took on the mob as prosecutor of NYC) and he is polished. His flaws make him real.

And that's why I love George Bush. He has continually held strong on every position he holds, regardless of popular opinion. He is more interested in doing what he believes is right than in what the media portrays as public opinion. When Bush takes a position, you know he'll stand by it. You can count on him to be faithful to it. Flip-flopping cost John Kerry the election in 2004. Can you count on Shrillary to hold the same idealogical position that she holds now? No. That's why the debates (on both sides, mind you) are so empty - it's all hollow rhetoric.

Give me a candidate with a platform and a backbone. I'll vote for him.