The Problem With Diversity


What an amazing buzzword. To argue for diversity, to stand for diversity, you become forward-thinking, relevant, thoughtful, sensitive, concerned, loving, caring, tolerant, and admirable. It is a good thing to support and advocate diversity.

The concept of diversity is a key aspect of the liberal agenda. Entire of liberal organizations - the most ominous being the NAACP - are founded on "promoting diversity". The liberal agenda has programs and ideas based on the concept of furthering diversity, programs that have infiltrated our universities and workforce. You know these programs - Affirmative Action.

I've long stood against Affirmative Action, but it wasn't until reading a bit by the great Neal Boortz ( that discussed the farce of "diversity" that I realized where the real problem lay - groupthink.

The left stands for group rights. The Libertarian/Conservative side stands for individual rights. The left has, for years, successfully spun the facts, making those who support individual rights, and dismiss groupthink as backwards, racist, or prejudiced. Here is the real problem with diversity, or Affirmative Action, or groupthink.

What diversity says is that a person of a certain group, whether it be ethnic, racial, sexual orientation, or gender, is valuable because of their association with that group. It says that a gay man or a black woman is valuable because he is gay, or she is black or is a woman. The individualist says that people are valuable because of their intrinsic worth (this is almost always directly related to the concept of God, and that we are all created by Him and in His image).

Here is the problem with the liberal view - people have value because of their association, but not because of themselves. The value, for liberals, is in the group. Someone is relevant because they are gay, or black, or a woman. Should a person cease to be gay, he would lose his identity with the group, and lose the privileges granted to him under the liberal programs. Of course, a person can't cease to be black or cease to be a woman, but under the liberal programs, they are granted special privileges because of their association with these groups.

Take, for example, Affirmative Action (AA). AA in college education programs says that a person of minority status (usually individuals that are black or of Mexican heritage) should be given special consideration and merit for admission into college and for financial aid and scholarships. Now, I understand that, generally, members of these groups tend to be in lower income classes, so they may require financial consideration in the form of scholarships or financial aid (though this should be based on need, not on race or ethnicity). That being said, the notion that blacks or Hispanics require special consideration for admission to college (or for being awarded a position with a company) solely on the merit of their race, and not for their talents, should be positively insulting to the individuals that qualify for the programs.

Liberal Idiot: AA is necessary because, otherwise, there would be an underrepresentation of minority groups in college classes.

Me: So, does that mean that members of the minority groups are somehow less intelligent or talented than whites?

Liberal Idiot: No, members of minority groups are every bit as qualified and talented and whites.

Me: Then why do we need a special system to artificially inflate the number of minority groups represented? If members of said groups are just as talented, do they really need special consideration? According to your premise, these individuals are somehow less intelligent and, therefore, unable to compete without artificially "leveling the playing field."

Liberal Idiot: Why are you racist?

Diversity isn't a solution - it's a problem. It renders people helpless and without individual identity. This liberalization of America has resulted in a frightening turn from personal responsibility and accountability. Because individuals have lost their sense of self, they have lost their sense of duty. And this is caused by a buzzword and sheer ignorance.