A First Time Experience

A couple of months ago, I was asked to participate in an Altar Workers Class at church to sort of equip and direct us on what is expected and how to approach people in the altar, so they aren't getting lost in the shuffle. I took what I learned, and I've been trying to apply it, but I've never really connected.

Until tonight.

Tonight was a first time for me. I connected with someone in the altar. I was praying with a friend who has been tarrying for the Holy Ghost when I turned around and saw a guy that I knew was a visitor approaching the altar. I shook his hand, introduced myself, and asked him what he was praying for. He told me what was going on, and we started praying. He raised his hands, started crying, and really opened up to me as I prayed for him. I asked him if I could follow up with him (he's having surgery this week), and he gave me his number. We're going to get together for Bible studies, and he came and found me later to make sure that I had his number down right.

It was awesome.