"Some days you eat the bear ..."

"... and some days the bear eats you."

My dad says that. I'm pretty sure his grandpa said that to him.

I never met my great-grandfather; I knew my great-grandmother, and she was one of the most stubborn, ornery, hard-headed women you'd ever meet. I loved her.

But I digress. Lately, I've been eating bear. Life has been great. God has opened doors for me to witness to a lot of people, and tonight after church, I had a great big party with a ton of people sitting all over the place, eating pizza, listening to Delirious? and other great bands while playing spoons and Phase 10 and eating cake in celebration of our friend who is starting her program in radiation therapy tomorrow (any excuse for cake, right?). It was great.

Maybe the bear will eat me next week; I dunno. The iPhone releases on Friday, and it's going to be ridiculously crazy. Seriously, I love gadgets, but I'm not as nuts as some of these people. You don't even know if the phone is going to work! Only the most blind fan would buy first edition anything. I'm waiting for the second wave to come out so that the bugs get worked out first.

Little brother is getting married in 11 days ...