The Fairness Doctrine

bah. blanket ignorance, that's what it is.

here's what they say - that the conservatives have a corner on the market, and that they're indoctrinating the world through evil talk radio. in order to make things more fair, the opposing viewpoint should be given equal time to present their views, in order to create a better-informed electorate.

they say, and i quote, "The issue is liberal talkers haven't even been given a market opportunity in many markets across the country." okay, fundamentally, this guy's dumb. ever heard of NPR? it's a publicly funded liberally biased radio show. and don't forget air america, which was such a bad business model that they went bankrupt. so you can't say that the liberals haven't been given a chance - the government freaking pays for their station!! tavis smiley, diane rehm, terry gross, christopher o'reilly (not bill), michael krasny, maria hinojosa ... these are not unbiased commentators. they're liberal. so don't try and pretend to be victimized.

"but the american people deserve a voice." they have a voice. it's called a free market economy. if the conservative talk shows didn't reflect a significant view of the american public, the public wouldn't tune in, ratings would drop advertising dollars would vanish, and then the shows would quickly follow. why did air america fail? because the liberal ideology can't stand in a forum faced with logic and rational thought. consistently and constantly, the libs were getting their collective arses handed to them by conservative listeners itching for a fight (i only did it once; it's not all my fault), and the fan base got sick of hearing their viewpoints successfully discredited and bashed and ripped to shreds. so they stopped listening. then the ratings dropped. thent he advertising dollars vanished. and then the shows quickly followed (boy, ain't capitalism grand?).

the fairness doctrine is a fix-all for cry-baby libs. they lack the testicular fortitude to last in the beautiful forum of free speech, so they have to get the government to force those big bad conservatives to share and share alike. seriously, every american should be offended at the concept of the fairness doctrine. it's anything but fair.