you have to achieve the possible before you can achieve the impossible

pastor was preaching last night ... he does that on sundays ... and was pulling concepts out of ezekiel 3. his title was the title of this blog - you must achieve the possible before you can achieve the impossible.

so what does that mean?

i get tired of hearing the people i'm working with talk about how they can't overcome their lust or porn addiction - "i just don't know why God won't deliver me."

quit looking at porn online. next question.

see, you aren't going to overcome that sort of addiction right away. sure, God can just *bam* transform you, but when you keep exposing yourself to those stimuli, you're going to continue to struggle with it.

you want to be happier? quit hanging out with bitter, unhappy people. you want to be blessed financially? get a job and pay your tithes. you want to overcome your tendencies towards drinking? don't drive by the bars. don't eat in bars.

you gotta take steps.