culturally insensitive

i am. it's true. i don't do well when people want me to bend over backwards to facilitate the exercise of their obscure religious and cultural traditions.

but this one made me laugh.

recently, some sikh (you know, the guys with the big towel-like hats on their heads) managed to transport a monkey from peru to florida, and then on to new york under his turban or whatever. so the TSA decided that they needed to start searching everyone's headgear.

fellas, take off that baseball cap for security. ladies, you might have to have that beehive patted down (how funny would that have been during the italy trip, kim?). and sikh - unwrap that towel, baby.

so some guy is suing or something like that, because he went through security and was asked to remove his headwear before getting on the flight. he was not cooperative, and he says that the TSA agents yelled at him. he says it was "humiliating."

he wears a turban, and he's embarrassed over this?

i just don't get it.