my new pic is of me grinning like an idiot, and i have a dimple.

so i met a girl. i didn't really "meet" her - we've been friends for ages. and when we reunited in december, i was like, "wow". but, there were some minor issues, like her fiance, so i didn't really pursue it. but it wasn't a great relationship, on-again, off-again, and he was too busy to hang out with her and had a bit of an anger problem and they were in couples counseling (can i just say that, if you're in couples counseling BEFORE the wedding, you probably just shouldn't go through with it) and he wasn't making inroads to make it work, so the on-again, off-again relationship was just off-again for good.

enter me.

bow chicka.

she's an amazing girl. i smile all the time now, and listen to a lot of sinatra and micheal buble and other sappy crooner love songs and whatnot ... and i'm happy. she's my age, which is a nice change, and she doesn't live terribly far away, and she's beautiful, and charming, and elegant (but not high maintenance), and hard-working, and smart, and articulate, and funny, and strong-willed, and opinionated, and she loves God, and is involved in church, and she holds my hand and kisses my cheek and i feel like i'm on top of the world. she makes me confident and feel smart and attractive and i wouldn't trade anything for that wonderful new relationship feeling ... where you're excited and full of anticipation for each new day, where every morning is better than the day before, and you don't know how tomorrow could be any better but you just know that i will be ... and life is great. and i'm excited and giddy and happy and i have this big stupid grin plastered across my face. i have a picture of her as the background on my phone, replacing the amazing picture of the coliseum in rome ... and i just want to jump and kick my heels together every time i think about her.

so i blog less now because i'm so busy with work and school, and i now spend time with her on the phone every night ... and that's what's new in my life, my friends. i'll keep everyone posted.

look at my picture - you can see my dimple.