thoughts for the day

aaah ... it's a good day.

1 - i'm wearing my favorite shirt - a black t-shirt with a glow-in-the-dark image of felix the cat on it. i feel confident when i wear it.

2 - i'm wearing crocs. yes, they're hideously ugly. but they're comfortable. it's like a slice of heaven on my feet.

3 - i'm listening to elvis costello. i used to be a secret lover of pop music, but i've lately been more bold in my taste. and i still hold that air supply is the greatest 80's pop band of all time. anyway, elvis costello has an album out that he did with allen toussaint, and it's marvelous. check it out.

4 - ever since that whole larry craig thing, i'm nervous about tapping my feet in a public restroom, which i probably do a lot. also, i don't hum in the bathroom anymore. it's a very boring experience now. thanks, senator, for ruining bathroom time for me.

5 - i watched a chick flick during my break today. "music and lyrics". good movie. i'm sort of embarrassed to say that i love chick flicks, but i do. i rented it, loved it, so i copied it onto my hard drive so that i could watch it whenever i felt so inclined. shut up. i'm not gay. i have a girlfriend.

6 - speaking of not being gay, larry craig. i don't believe him.

7 - tomorrow is a wedding, and heidi is coming with me. i'm very excited.

8 - i'm sitting next to a girl on campus who's wearing a skirt. i looked her and said, "you're pentecostal, huh?" she relaxed when she realized i was another one of "them".

9 - the residual effects of being in a happy relationship are that i'm happy about everything else. "i only got 5 hours of sleep last night ... but it's ok. just pass the red bull." "i have 8 years of homework to do this weekend ... but i'm totally giddy happy. just look at my grin." why do we get like this? eh. it's ok. i love it. my boss says i am providing better customer service and that i'm more tolerant of excessively frustrating customers. mom and dad think i'm nicer and kinder and gentler and more fun to be around. i never get to talk to little brother anymore because he's married and we're both busy, but he's glad for me.

anyway, i'm going to try and do some reading.