i don't feel guilty

i wake up in the morning, and i have plenty of food in the fridge. even if i didn't, i could survive for weeks without any ill effect.

i have clean, running water in the house. i bathe in it. i drink it. i brush my teeth with it. i use it to rinse out my mouth and then spit it out, sending it down the drain.

i eat more than i really should, because it was so good. i've never been really hungry. i have air conditioning, books that i start to read and i don't finish, a car, a comfortable bed, clean clothes, and a myriad of electronic gadgets. i have enough excess money for overpriced coffee, expensive bottled water, and yummy pastry desserts. i also have frivolous features on my super-gadget cellphone, so i'm wired, even when i'm wireless.

i have access to education, and i take it for granted. sometimes i cut class because i take it so much for granted.

i don't feel guilty. i'm lucky to have been born in America, and blessed to have been born to my specific family. God has been good to me, and He has kept me through a lot of stupid decisions on my own part. but i don't feel guilty for my life of leisure. i haven't earned it immorally or unethically. i don't have to be ashamed of my life. and i refuse to live like i am.

if i'm so overwhelmed by my material blessings that i am unable to function, if i am so bound by guilt due to my own creature comforts, then how on earth could i be of any value? if i've made myself miserable over a comfortable life, then what good am i to someone who is uncomfortable? how does starving myself help someone who is hungry?